I'm Writing a New Book! + New Recipes

I'm writing a new book, and new recipes

Sawaddee Ka!

If you haven’t heard from me for a while, it’s because it HAS been a while, but also possibly because the last few newsletters didn’t make it to your inbox because I was using a different email provider. In any case…Hi! I hope you’ve been well and healthy.

It’s been a while because I’ve been very busy writing another cookbook!

This book will be about quick and simple Thai recipes, things you can pull off on a weeknight. After becoming a mom, I really treasure these quick recipes, and I think most would find it helpful to have a book where every page you turn to has something you can potentially make today or tomorrow.

My goal with this book is for you to feel confident incorporating Thai food into your regular, everyday cooking.

Here’s a sneak peek of the photoshoot for the book.

We’re taking a photo of *something* I’ve determined would be best served with a lager!

If you missed my first book….

This upcoming book is going to be awesome, but if you want to really “get” Thai cuisine, my first book is what you need, first. Part recipes, part study, it’s a deep dive into the foundation of Thai food, with all of the classic recipes.

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Here are some of my latest recipes. There are more I didn’t include since my last newsletter, so if you want to make sure nothing has been missed, check out this link for the full list of my uploads. You can click the video thumbnails below to watch on YouTube, or click the “Get the Written Recipe” button to see the post on my website.

The Only Steak Marinade You Need - “Crying Tiger” Recipe

The classic Thai marinade for grilled steaks is really the only marinade recipe you need, and in the video I will explain why! I also share with you THE ultimate steak dipping sauce that no Thai person can ever go without.

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Crispy Noodle Treats + Secret to Fluffy Noodles (Mee Krob

“Mee Krob” are savoury crispy rice noodles coated in a sweet and sour sauce. SUPER addictive. They are popular snacks amongst visitors to Thailand, and I’m not surprised! In this recipe I share 3 important keys to perfectly crispy, puffed noodles that STAY crispy for weeks!

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Crispy Pad Thai (Mee Krob V.2)

This recipe has all the flavours of pad thai, except the noodles are crispy! This is part 2 of my Mee Krob series, where I take the crispy noodles from the first video and transform them into a luxurious meal in just minutes!

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Authentic Drunken Noodles in 3 Minutes! - Pad Kee Mao

A new and improved version of this cult-favourite: pad kee mao or drunken noodles! Something a little different in this video—the cooking portion is done IN REAL TIME with no cuts, so you see that once all your prep is ready, each batch only takes 3 minutes to cook.

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Tiny Edible Fruit Sculptures - Look Choop

Ending the newsletter with something sweet! These too-pretty-to-eat little fruit sculptures are traditional Thai sweets that I used to make with my mom as a kid. Not gonna lie these are a LOT of work…this video took 4 HOURS and I only made 16 pieces!! Would’ve probably taken 5-6 hours if I finished the whole dough. Not something I’d recommend doing by yourself, but if you have kids or friends, it can be a fun activity to do together!

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