My New Favourite Vegan Dish

Plus a guide to Thai curries

Sawaddee Ka!

In October, Thailand and many other Asian countries will celebrate our “Jay Festival,” also known as the “Nine Emperor Gods Festival.” This means that for 10 days millions of people will stop eating all animal products, plus a few other pungent ingredients such as garlic and garlic chives.

During the Jay festival, you will see restaurants with yellow flags all over the country indicating that they have jay options available. My family doesn’t “eat jay,” as we call it; though my grandmother does. But this time of year still serves as a good reminder to eat more plants, and cut down on meat.

This is the inspiration for my latest recipe: Claypot Glass Noodles. Even though it’s not technically "jay” in the strict sense because I use garlic, it is vegan. Trust me though, you wouldn’t miss the meat with all the robust flavours going on!

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It’s easy, quick, and totally weeknight friendly. Watch the video here!

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I also wrote a comprehensive guide to Thai curries on Serious Eats.

I’ve been contributing a few articles on Serious Eats over the past year, and it’s a great opportunity for me to nerd out on the more “advanced” topics in Thai food. So if you’re a food nerd like me and love these deep dives, you’re going to enjoy them. Here are my most recent articles on the topic of Thai curry:

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